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*NOTE: To subscribe for the initial box delivery, orders must be placed by Wednesday, October 2nd by 10am. You may join at anytime after to receive future deliveries.

The first delivery will be Oct 4th from 3-6pm.


Pier to Plate Fish Crate

2 crates each month: $100/crate - $200/month

2 crates each month: $50/crate - $100/month

The Pier to Plate Fish Crate is a biweekly subscription to a fresh seafood program. Boxes will be hand picked by Coastal Local and consist of the most fresh available seafood coming in to the dock.

The Standard Tier  will provide a fish only option featuring 4 portions each of 2 different kinds of fish (8 total pieces).

The Premium Tier will include all of the Standard Tier with the addition of shellfish and/or other top level seafood: lobster tails, scallops, fresh Gulf shrimp, clams, mussels, etc.

It will include 4 portions of 4 different kinds of seafood.